Comet Cleaner Total Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner Kit

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 Product Features

  • CLEAN AND DEODORIZE with the Total Comet Kitchen and Bathroom Kit - Great for Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Corian, Natural Tile, and Ceramic Surfaces
  • TWO 25 OZ CANISTERS of COMET with Bleach Cleanser Powder - Cleans without leaving a scratch
  • 2 in 1 SCRUB AND DETAIL BRUSH SET makes cleaning tough stains easy. Detail brush fits conveniently inside large handle scrub brush.
  • ONE TOUGH SCRUB BRUSH - Smooth sided texture for wiping down and Tough Scrub side for agitating those dirty surfaces.
  • ONE FOXTROT MICROFIBER - Finish the job with this multipurpose microfiber tool 

    Product description

    Ready to attack those tough cleaning problems in your kitchen, bathroom and the whole house? We've got the tools for dirtiest, germiest, ugliest jobs. The Comet Cleaner Total Kitchen and Bathroom Kit is now here. Bundle comes packed with two 21Oz canisters of Comet with Bleach, one tough scrub sponge (smooth and tough sided sponge), one iron handle Scrub Brush, and one Foxtrot TM Microfiber microfiber cloth.