Kitchen Cleaning Tools Set - 4 Brushes Total

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Product Features


  • KITCHEN TOOLS THAT MAKE CLEANING SIMPLE AND EASY. From gentile cleaning to serious scrubbing, the Kitchen Series Scrub Brush Kit by Foxtrot Living has you covered.
  • 14" SOFT TIP BOTTLE BRUSH makes cleaning those slender containers fast and easy. Perfect for baby bottles, blenders, pitchers, carafes, coffee pots, stemware and more.
  • EASY GRIP POTS AND PANS SCRUBBER/SCRAPER HITS cookware with a one-two punch. Stiff and durable nylon bristles scrub cooking residue away while the flat scraper side makes hardened stains and grime build up disapear.
  • 2 in 1 EASY HANDLE SCRUB AND DETAIL BRUSH HELPS SINKS SPARKLE Again. Use the the scrub brush to put power behind your favorite sink cleaner. The detail brush fits conveniently inside the handle. It's perfect for those nooks and crannies in the kitchen like sink drains, faucets, backsplashes, microwaves and more.