Foxtrot Lint Roller With Extendable Long Handle and Easy Cover

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Product Features

  • MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER with the extendable Lint Roller from Foxtrot Living. The beautiful intuitive design combined with ease of use makes this an ALL-IN-ONE household lint roller.
  • 60/180 STICKY SHEETS INCLUDED – Package comes with a telescopic lint roller and boasts a total of 1/3 sticky rolls (60 sheets each). Rolls are spiral easy-peel sheets which makes them frustration-free.
  • MODERN AND SLEEK DESIGN – Aluminum extendable pole shines with a Chrome finish. A smooth grip handle makes cleaning easy. When is use, lint roller covers simply flip up prior to cleaning. When finished using, simply close covers and the lint roller stands on its own and hides the used sticky sheet.
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE INCLUDING wood, tile, vinyl, furniture, staircases, car upholstery, bedding and more. Perfect for grabbing dirt, pet and human hair, dust, lint, and most other debris. Stores under most sink cabinets when not in use.
  • TELESCOPIC EXTENDABLE HANDLE MAKES IT THE VERSATILE CHOICE – 16” tall when lowered. ( Great size for use on furniture and inside automobiles ) 40” tall at full height ( Perfect height for use in surfaces like bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and stairs and more) Sticky Roll Width - 6.5"